The Red Hat Flashes!
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This page was last updated on: April 7, 2018
Established January 16, 2001
As of March 18,2014 we are no longer affiliated with the 
Red Hat Society

Mission Statement:
Have Fun, Do Good, Make Friends, Always Eat Dessert First

Motto: Keep Flashin'

Royal Diva Gloria, Directress of Dogood
Queen Elaine


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Celebrating Our Sisterhood

A Strong Woman
A Woman of Strength

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Red Hat Flashes! Spirit Award

In 2002 we decided to honor the woman who had during the past year exhibited the most enthusiasm
and represented the true red hat spirit.
So each year we will pass out ballots
for our members to vote based on
and wearing of our colors

The winners:
2002 Mary B Royal Knave of Nametags
2003 Baroness Barbara
2004 Lady Elaine
2005 Lady Linda "Laughs-a-Lot"
2006 Mistress Marilyn
2007 Lady Jane DooDaa
2008 Countess Carole
2009 Empress Peggy
2010 WWW.Marie
2011 Her Royal Highnie Cheryl
2012 Royal Contessa Barb
2013 Divine Diva Vi
2014 Gypsy Jeanne
2015 Queen Mum Carolin
Retired Auxiliary Court Members
Deserving of Proper Respect and Honor
for Services Rendered

Mary B, Royal Knave Emerita 2001 - 2004
Sue D, Contessa de Coins Emerita 2004 - 2005
Diva de Dineros Dorena 2005 - 2006 ( no longer an active member)
Her Royal Hysterian Vice Neighbor Vi 2005-2007
Lady Jane Directress of Appropriations 2006-2010
Lady "Laughs-a-Lot" Linda  Court Videographer 2001-2010
Baroness Barbara Court Musician 2001-2010
Countess de CoCoNuts Carole Raffle-er 2002-2010
Royal Contessa Sleeps-a-lot Barbara 2010-2014
​Lady Jane Directress of our Directories 2010-2014
Contessa de Coins Sue, Keeper of the Queen's Purse 2010-2014
Mistress of Mayhem, Convention Chairdame 2005-2014
Raffle'er Divine Diva Vi 2010-2014
 Vice Mother Marie (2001-2010) WWW. Marie Webmistress(2001-2015)
       Red Hat Flashes!
     Spirit Award for 2015
   Queen Mum Carolin Cefaratti
 Voted for by her peers based on
her part in organizing the Red Hat Flashes Club and serving as the first Queen and for her continued service and support for the club. 
Dear Red Hat Flashes Sisters,  

It didn't take long to get down to business at Papa Joe's to discuss what is happening with our club in the year 2018.  After lots of discussion, voting, and voting again ... the following is what we came up with!

    1. We still miss seeing each other!
    2. We will still be the Red Hat Flashes.
    3. We are keeping the website.
    4. We will meet six times in the year for lunch or dinner.
    5.     Jan 11        Luncheon-Zeppe's in Hudson (11:30 AM)
            March 8         Luncheon-BRAVO'S in North Canton (11:30 AM)
            May 10       Dinner - Treno Grill-Kent (6:30 PM)
            July 12          Luncheon-Hartville Kitchen-Hartville (11:30 AM)
            Sept 13         Dinner-Gervasi-Canton (6:30 PM)
            Nov 8            Dinner- D'Agnese's-White Pond-Akron (6:30PM) 

  Mark your new 2018 calendars now and save all these dates listed above. Keeping things simple and we still get to see each other. Hooray!!

Hugs to all! 
     Ph: 330-688-9129
    Cell: 330-573-5816
Looking forward to seeing everyone very soon,
Hugs, Queen Elaine




This social gathering is our third party for 2018.  You don't want to miss sharing time with all of your Red Hat Sisters. We will be celebrating MAY together as Red Hat sisters.Please RSVP so we will know that you are joining us and that you don't want to miss the fun!  
                RSVP TO:     
          Or - Phone: 330-688-9129  Cell: 330-573-5816
             Please RSVP by MAY 6, 2018!

         JUST SHARING ...

26    Karen Chapman